~~Technically it’s Spring, but I can’t see my lawn!
If you are hoping to get your home on the market, you might have to start with some indoor projects for a little while longer! So here are three areas that we often find needing the most attention that you might not always think of.

Yes kitchens and bathrooms can often sell the home, and curb appeal can be the key to getting the Buyers in the door, but if you’ve got clutter hanging around in the closets, basement and garage, Buyers can get the impression that if you don’t have enough room in your home, they won’t have enough room in your home either.

CLOSETS: I have found at times the best way to de-clutter a closet is to empty it! Pull everything out! Maybe not necessary in the bedrooms, but if you’ve been filling the hall closets to keep the floors clean, you may have a closet bulging at the seams!

We are almost out of winter weather, so it may be a good time to start packing the heavy coats, hats, etc. so that the closet looks more spacious.

BASEMENT: I know I can’t be the only one who brings stuff down to the basement thinking “I’ll donate that stuff in the spring!” or “I’m sure I know someone that could use that?” Start packing! Most of the stuff we store in the basement we don’t use on a regular basis, so go through and pull items you want to donate or throw away. Organize, pack up and mark boxes for the items you want for the next home.

Organize the storage neatly so that more of the basement is open for viewing. In fact an important tip would be to keep some room between the storage and the walls and ceiling. Your Buyer and their inspector will want to see as much of the basement as they can to check the condition of the walls, insulation and support beams overhead.

If affordable, a pod or storage unit can really come in handy as well.

GARAGE: Not quite as cold as outside, but you can get warm cleaning and organizing in here! Start with packing up all the toys, tools and seasonal decorations you won’t need till after you move. Cleaning the floor of salt and sand, washing windows if you have them and organizing work space or storage in the garage will make it feel more open and ready for the new owners.

We’ve seen these suggestions help our clients, so we wanted to share them with you!

Make it a great day!