Are you considering putting your house on the market?

Here are a few tips:

1. Clear out all the dust and cobwebs. Yes, I'm sure you keep a clean house, but do you remember the basement and garage? Always good to sweep all floors, clear out the cobwebs, dust of workspace counters, the furnace, etc. Clean looks cared for and that can make a difference to a Buyer.

2. Declutter and organize. Hopefully you don't need to rent a storage space, but at least be sure to go through and weed out what you don't want to take with you. Have your boxes and storage that you are keeping in your basement/home stacked neat and organized. Even in the basement open floor space is attractive to a Buyer. Be sure not to leave out the closets and kitchen cabinets too. Simple put, if it looks like you can't fit in your house, the Buyers will feel like they can't fit in it either.

3. Don't forget the outside. Rake leaves, sweep off steps, doorways, walkways and as soon as the weather is more stable add some flowers, even if it is just a few potted flowers to brighten the front steps. Not much you can do about the grass until it comes back, so draw their eyes up a little to some flowers. Just be sure not to overdue and keep all entries clear for people to walk around safely.

For more tips and/or a one-on-one appointment to help establish value and your spring to-do list for your home to be ready for the market call (603)228-2161.

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